Friday, 12 July 2013

To Sacrifice One's Blood

The traditional definition of the word bleed is to sacrifice one's blood in battle or to feel anguish, pain, or sympathy. It is no wonder that people are always taken aback when I ask
"Does your file bleed?"
 In printing we deal with bleed on a daily basis when designing or dealing with paper - Paper Cuts can be nasty! But what we really mean when we ask you if your file bleeds is:
Does your image touch the edge of the paper?
If your image does, then Yes your file bleeds. BLEED requires us to have the IMAGE AREA bigger than the FINAL PAPER Size so that we can print on a larger sheet, cut down and not have white paper occasionally, printing is not an exact science and this allows a nice finished product.
 As you can see below BLEED tends to take away from the Photograph for the allowance - HOWEVER we could also use a Color Frame instead for bleed. NO BLEED allows us to print on the exact size of paper that you need without needing to cut down. There would be a paper color frame. Be aware that the photo will not be exact to the page size unless we crop or stretch it to be even.

Bleed happens in many forms, whether is it a line, shape or picture, there is an added cost to have bleed since there is a bigger sheet of paper most likely being used, make sure it is effective!
I would love to know: Does your business card Bleed?

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