Tuesday, 29 July 2014

End Result

One of the first decisions to ponder when you are starting any design project:
Am I EVER going to want to print this?
The answer is Always YES!!!

Yes because designers can create for print quality, have you approve the design and then down save the files for web. However a designer cannot Add Quality into a file to get it up to par for print. 
Designing for websites, email, facebook, instagram, twitter and other social media can be created at 72dpi (dots per inch) where as to get a clear, crisp image for print, the file requires 300dpi.

Often a project has a few different layers of text, pictures, gradients, images in order to come together to create the final image. Purchasing photos off the internet at the highest quality available at the first time will allow for future potential; whereas if you click on the small file it may not be good enough quality for print.
Recommendations that you keep all the support files in a place that you can find them in their original state will make your life and mine a whole lot easier.  Things change down the road and sometimes tracking down a photo you ordered on the internet or found someplace is more costly and more time consuming than if you had started with high quality right from the beginning.

Any questions please ask us!