Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wasted Funds

Take a moment to visualize when you collect mail, either for personal or business. 
~~ Your hand is full of paper, you semi jog the pile so it is easier to flip through. Next to a table top you sort mail, the advertisements are briefly looked at, if they are done right they catch your eye and you pay attention; if they are boring or seem cheap they become part of the junk pile. The envelopes are piled together as you recognize who sent them, the few you don’t are piled separately. Once you are organized you recycle the junk then retrieve a letter opener to rip open the envelopes that you have recognized. Removing the contents of each envelope you again organize the junk from what you need to keep then recycle the junk along with the ripped open envelopes. ~~

After you have dealt with your mail look at what you have kept and what you have recycled:
Kept: relevant envelope contents, maybe it is a bank statement, or a card from a friend or advertising that caught your eye and kept your attention
Recycled: advertising that were mundane or irrelevant to you and the envelopes your friend used to mail that card to you in, the envelope the bank statement arrived in.

Please save your printing budget for items that your clients or potential client may keep, not the envelope! Print a simple one color envelope that will help your clients recognize your mail, but it won't waste your hard earned funds.
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