Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What’s in a Logo?

When you are getting a logo created how much input do you share with the designer?
Just the jist to allow their creativity to flow?
Full blown direction how you want it to look?

No matter how much you share the Most Important part to share are all the applications you are going to use your logo on. You should stop to think about all of the possibilities at this stage so your designer can be prepared.
Are you designing your website first but want to print later? Make sure your designer saves a print quality version of your logo.
Are you going to want a promotional item with your logo or company name on there? Ask for a complicated design to have the ability to be ‘dumbed down’ for a one color print.
Are you going to want to advertise on a billboard? That requires a vector file format due to the enormous final size.
The basic rule is to make sure you are getting a vector file of your logo so that there are no resolution issues, color issues or sizing issues. Generally Adobe Illustrator is used to create a vector file as an ai or eps, however without the program you won’t be able to open it on your computer.
The best logos are created to perfection for each individual as well as carry versatility. It should look amazing as a full color logo plus amazing as a one color logo, this allows for way more possibilities for you and your logo.
Ask that you see the black and white option during the proofing to make certain it will work.
Happy Designing!