Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Why Print?

Why Print?
I fell in love with print when I was a child reading books throughout the summer, I did not know I would remain that close to the printed word as a career. Partway through my grade 12 year at Lord Beaverbrook I was ahead of my fellow classmates on projects and was provided an opportunity to use a machine called: 360ABDick. As I printed the one color forms for the office my brain started asking: what else can be printed?

Answer: forms, business cards, signage, banners, letterhead, cards, books, handouts, binders, posters, calendars, post cards, newsletters, catalogues, phone books, flyers, menus, labels, stickers, coloring books, music sheets, newspapers, magazines, maps, charts, brochures, programs, cheques, greeting cards, diaries, yearbooks, organizers, journals, tickets, coupons, annual reports, DVD/CD Books and cases, bookmarks, comic books, manuals, directories, directions, stamps, certificates, napkins, ribbon, and More…
How can one NOT be excited about the possibilities of all those items? I caught a glimpse into How full color prints are produced and I KNEW I was in the right industry. Different sized dots or four colors, sometimes different if it is special, made any full color work; we refer to those colors as CMYK.

So with a list of over 40 items that pertain to the print industry.. How could I not be happy about being a part of this creative industry!!
Do you have any PRINT Related Questions, ask me and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.
Have a RAINBOW Day!

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